C02 - About the Burton D. Morgan Foundation & the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem of Northeast Ohio

The Burton D. Morgan Foundation is a $130 million Foundation dedicated to the cause of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship education in Northeast Ohio. What did the speaker, Ms. Deborah Hoover, say was one of the favorite quotes of its founder, serial entrepreneur Burton Morgan?

How did the speaker say entrepreneurial ecosystems compare from region to region across the country?

The State of Ohio is known throughout the country for a voter approved program that provides state funding in support of the development of entrepreneurs and startups in key technology areas. What is that program called?

Ms. Hoover gave many examples of programs within the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Northeast Ohio. One of those examples was Northeast Ohio’s Flexible Electronics Regional Cluster which focuses on electronics embedded in flexible materials. Which of the following statements further describe this Cluster?

Which of the following were cited as reasons why Northeast Ohio’s robust ecosystem should be of interest to students?